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We are a family business located in Poland, EU.
Being a guitarist for over 10 years I understand how is a well designed and build cabinet important to an overall sound.
At MORI we build high guality guitar cabinets that are 100% handmade from 18mm birch plywood. We finger joint side walls for maximum strength and better resonance.
We use only high quality components such as Sommer Germany speaker cables, Cliff UK jack inputs, Celestion or Eminence Speakers etc.
Every cab is made to order which means you can choose tolex, grillcloth and piping.
With great variety of cabinets everyone from blues, rock to metal player will find a right cabinet that fulfills his needs.
What's more, if e.g. you like our 2x12" modern cab but want to have an angled speaker baffle and a 3pc back just go to Custom page and fill in the form.
We can customize every cab we make.

Contact us so we can build your dream cabinet :)

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